Maciej Pacut
(photo 2020)
Maciej Pacut
Postdoctoral researcher

Faculty of Computer Science
University of Vienna

Office 5.41
Währinger Strasse 29
1090 Vienna, Austria

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Online algorithms for packing and covering problems

Packing and covering problems are classic problems in combinatorial optimization. These problems were studied in theoretical computer science for decades, and remain an active and competitive field of research. Many computational problems can be expressed as as packing or covering problems, thus advancements in solving them have enormous importance in logistics, production, supply-chain, transportation, inventory optimization, designing micro-circuits, as well as directly in computers systems, e.g. networking and operating systems. The main goal of the project is to develop an improvements for certain special cases of packing and covering in the online variant.


Research project funded by Polish National Science Centre.
Confirmations of funded research: NCN, Project DOI, ORCID

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